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Domain Name(s) estimate

Domain Names


Domain name – a domain name is your “web address”.  See the highlighted part:


If you do not understand this, then call me and I will do it for you.  I mean, I will give you choices that you can understand. 



How much?

Full Service


$20.00 per domain name | Why?


  1. You and I decide which (or how many) domain names you want.
  2. I buy them for you.
  3. I Email you your credentials to access them (just so you have them).
  4. I add that to your bill.




If you already bought your domain name, and you do not want to buy anymore domains, click here.






Domain names are not always the same price.  I tend to avoid the really expensive ones.  But on average, $20.00 per domain is a safe estimate.  If you want a really expensive one, then let me know, or go find one that nobody owns. 


Or renting?

You cannot really “buy” a domain name.  You can rent one though.  They call that “purchasing”.  You can sign a lease for 1, 2, 3, or even 10 years.  You have to pay all the rent upfront.  So it is a cross between renting and buying.  You only own it in the sense that no one else can use it, and I can make it point to your website.  Domain names can only be purchased through a “Domain Name Registrar”, such as