Managed Web Hosting


There is only one thing you have to worry about in regards to web hosting:  Choosing a payment plan. I will handle everything else.  You do not even need to know what web hosting is.  That is the beauty of managed hosting: 


  1. Somehow your website magically appears on the internet. 
  2. It stays there as long as you keep paying us for “Managed Web Hosting”. 


Any questions?  Yes?  Read on.  No?  Then start this simple process:


  1. Choose a payment plan (one of the green levels below).


Web Hosting Payment Plans



Cost per



3 years

5 years


 $  40.00*




1 year

 $  30.00




3 years

 $  25.00


 $   900.00


5 years

 $  20.00


 $   720.00



  1. Write me a check for one of the green amounts below, noting the corresponding payment plan in the memo section.
  2. Watch your website appear on the internet.
  3. When its time to pay again, (your term is nearing expiration), repeat step 2.
  4. You are DONE.  Unless questions or interest compels you to read on.


*Yahoo’s “Professional” level Small Business web hosting is regularly $39.95 (as of January, 2008).  It is the closest comparable hosting plan that I have found.  However, it offers only half the data transfer I offer.  Web hosting, in simple terms, amounts to data transfer.  What else makes my hosting better?




What makes my hosting so much better than the rest?


Short answer: Too many things to list on this page.  Click click here for the full story.  Here is a summary:


    1. My web hosting services complement my Search Engine Optimization services in ways that our competitors cannot. 
    2. Since I am making your web site, and will be editing/updating or upgrading your website, I can offer a level of convenience and personal service that no other web host can provide you.
    3. Have one “web” vendor instead of 3 different vendors: web site (me), web hosting, and domain names. 


This is just the beginning.  If you are interested in comparing our web hosting services to others, please click here.  I would love to tell you about it.  Also, the more you know the more effective you can be with your website.